The pre school children have been learning all about Diwali.

They read a lovely story that shared information about this wonderful celebration of light. However, the very inquisitive pre-schoolers still had so many relevant questions to ensure they to fully understood this prestigious event.

They were continuously asking amazing open-ended questions to extend and expand their own mind and knowledge.  Just to name a few…

‘Why do they make candle holders?’

‘What do they wear?’

‘What do they use to create the patterns?’

‘Why do they buy all new kitchen equipment?’

The children were then given the opportunity to explore colours as they made their own brightly coloured play dough.

As well as making their own tee light holders, using dough that they worked hard to make, they practised their turn taking skills as well as developing their hand eye co-ordinations and increasing their physical skills and strength.

The children also made bright and colourful lanterns.

They were then served a lovely vegetable and lentil curry as well an assortment of Asian snacks and dips.