Parent Partnerships

Parent Partnership

Children’s Place Day Nurseries work extremely closely with parents and families to make sure the experience given to children is happy one and each child gets tailored care specific to their needs. Encouraging parents to participate and contribute to their child’s nursery achievement portfolio helps promote positive attitudes and experiences, which in turn benefit the child.

Children’s Place wishes to ensure parents are part of the care and education team within the nursery. We want to work with parents as partners to ensure quality care and learning for all children. At Children’s Place:

  • Parents have access to their child’s records and are consulted in respect of the care given.
  • Parents are welcome to access or inspect all the policies of the nursery at any time; please speak to the Nursery Manager if you wish to do so.
  • Nursing mothers are welcomed and a private area made available whenever needed.
  • All suggestions from parents are given consideration and discussed fully.
  • Parents Evenings are to be held at least twice a year.

It is important for us at Children s Place that we, as carers, are able to give advice and support, always showing sensitivity and understanding. We are always open to suggestions, questions and advice so please do not hesitate to contact any of the Nursery Managers for more information.


NHS Trust Partnerships

Children’s Place Day Nurseries are proud to work in partnership with NHS Trusts across West Yorkshire. We pride ourselves on offering high quality childcare to NHS Trust staff, working closely with the Trust Childcare Support Services to ensure that we meet the needs of parents and families requiring flexibility and on site provision. We also have a number of places available for families looking for childcare but who are not employees of the NHS.

Children’s Place Day Nurseries provide the best start for all children who join us. Effective collaborative partnerships are forged between nursery practitioners, children and their families to ensure the whole family is involved in their child’s learning journey.

So come along and visit our NHS Trust partnership nurseries at Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Halifax and Bradford to observe the excellent caring environment we create for children and families.

Healthy Eating

Community Partnerships

Children’s Place Day Nurseries strive to provide fantastic, high quality care to all children. Our settings work closely in partnership with Family Hubs and local Community Centres, working together to give every child equal opportunities as we focus on ‘early years experiences that last a lifetime’.

As a nursery, we have a commitment to helping and supporting parents and families, therefore we also work closely with the local centre staff to ensure that families engaging with the centre are offered tailored childcare support. Children’s Place Day Nurseries ensure our partnerships are strong and that there is good communication across the nursery and our partnership agencies, which enables us to offer children high quality care on a long or short term basis.

So come along and visit our nurseries to observe the excellent caring environment we create for children and families. You will be glad you did

Outdoor Fun

Other Agencies

“Children’s Place is committed to working in partnership with families, parents, staff and other professionals to offer all children early years experiences that last a lifetime.” – Children’s Place Mission Statement

In order to achieve our Mission Statement, we work closely in partnership with many other agencies including, occupational therapists, health visitors, educational psychologists, social services, and speech and language therapists. This commitment to working in partnership allows us to support all families, as we can cater for every child’s individual needs and requirements, tailoring our care and education specifically to suit each individual child.

Quality Assurance

Making a Positive Contribution

Children’s Place Care Objectives detail its commitment to supporting charitable organisations in order to help develop its children into confident citizens. Through working with children, parents and local communities, Children’s Place ensures that every year significant contributions to nominated charities can be made. The staff and children work together to create imaginative, fun and effective ways to fundraise and create awareness for its chosen charities. The hard work is always reflected in the enjoyment and success of each event.

Children’s Place fundraise all year round, getting involved in national and local charities and campaigns, currently we support Children in Need and Comic Relief.  The nurseries also support their own choice of local or national charity.  If you would like to nominate a charity for Children’s Place to support, please speak to your NurseryManager.

For more information on the charities Children’s Place currently support, please visit the websites detailed below or contact any of the nurseries.

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