The children at Children’s Place Dewsbury have been enjoying all the Halloween activities.  The babies have been on an autumn walk and collected fallen leaves in the Halloween buckets.  The leaves were then used for craft activities.  They have explored pumpkins and pine cones, a great tactile/sensory experience.

The toddlers have also had tactile/sensory activities such as shaving foam in the shape of a spiders web, dry lentils with spiders hidden, vegetables in orange paint to make pumpkins and ice with spooky bugs and creatures hidden inside.  These experiences enhance the children’s creative, social and communication skills.

The pre-school children have been having fun with pumpkins.  They have been exploring bowling using pumpkins and tins and using tools to hammer golf tees into the pumpkins. The led to the children wondering what was inside the pumpkins so to extend this further, we cut open the pumpkin to find what was inside and learning what we could do with the flesh and seeds of the pumpkins.   The children have also created painting pictures, explored frozen bugs, finding hidden bugs in gloopy slimy soup and developed their role play as they dressed up as witches and created potions.