The children in the toddler room have shown lots of interest in building with the loose part large bricks and have built lots of different structures.
The practitioners extended the children’s interest by creating a small world tuff stop that enabled the children to access more differing sized loose parts, tools, and tape measures.
We are very lucky that the hospital is currently undergoing building work across from the nursery which the children have observed from the garden and on their way to nursery.
The practitioners planned for the children to go on a little trip to the front of the nursery and observe the builders at work and wave to them. One of the builders came over to talk to the children while they were outside.
These resources are excellent for promoting children’s learning in areas such as shape, space, measure and special awareness.
Maths, social and emotional, alongside communication and language and of cause physical in both small and large motor skills.
The practitioners are now planning how they can further extend the children’s interest and learning by creating a building site in the garden.
We can ‘t wait to see it!