We have a brand new Mud Kitchen at our Heaton Woodland nursery! The children are having a lot of fun creating ‘delicious’ treats, from breakfasts 🍳 to ice creams 🍦!
Mud Kitchen are amazing for learning through play! They encourage role play, sharing and turn taking. Children might take on the role of a chef in a restaurant kitchen or mum or dad cooking at home. By taking on these roles, children are developing their social skills and heightening emotional understanding. Mud kitchens are also great to encourage children to talk about what they’re doing, and often the excitement of being outside and involved in messy play gets them feeling even more confident about speaking and sharing their thoughts.
They are amazing spaces for sparking children’s imagination. It takes a good deal of creative thinking to transform muddy creations into culinary delights. With a bit of creativity, sloppy mud can become a smooth cake batter!