This week the children in the toddler and pre-school rooms at Dewsbury have been learning all about Ramadan.
The toddlers listened to stories from a book called My First Ramadan, the practitioners introduced lots of cultural to help the children learn all about this celebration.
Some of the children enjoyed roleplaying with the tasbeeh and masala, the children also tried on the Hijab, tasted dates, and enjoyed a traditional lunch of curry and rice. They were given opportunities to paint with star and crescent shapes and create their own mosques.
In the pre-school room there have been many group discussions between the children about what traditions are observed in their households during this holy festival. They have learnt words such as “fasting,” “Eid” “iftar” and other terms that are commonly used. Many of the children have been able to say what happens when their parents close their fasts and have even done some taste testing of dates, a popular item that is used by people who are fasting to close their fast with.
The children have also had the opportunity to explore using a prayer mat like they have seen adults who are important to them use and learn about why a prayer mat is used, expanding their knowledge about different cultures. We have also begun to prepare Eid cards and pictures using symbols such as moons and stars ready to give to people who are important in our lives.