The children in the toddler room have been very busy recently!

They were ‘making soup’ whilst playing with the corn flour by using language such as ‘we are making orange soup’!  They used utensils to stir the mixture and transport in into bowls.

This promotes learning in areas such as

  • Maths- volume, measuring and capacity,
  • Language- use of descriptive language while talking about activity, naming colours.

The practitioners wanted to extend this interest to real life experiences by enabling the children to make their own soup, using vegetables.  The children, under supervision, cut the vegetables into pieces and sorted them into pans.

The children extended the activity by transporting their cut up vegetables to the oven in the home corner using language that demonstrated that they understood time by using language such as ‘mine will take five minutes to cook’.  They then decided to feed the babies, re-visiting real life experiences from home.

This was an excellent activity that covered all areas of learning-

  • Physical – gross and fine motor, manipulative skills.
  • Personal and emotional- co-operation, taking turns, sharing.
  • Understanding  the world – were vegetable come from , types of vegetables/ fruits, cultural foods.
  • Maths- sorting and  counting.

Looks delicious!!!