It is always wonderful to receive fantastic feedback from our parents and this one is absolutely amazing – brought us to tears!

A long read but worth reading every word!

Well Done Team Heaton 😊

‘Hi Yvonne,

Thanks so much for your lovely email and the great feedback about J’s development.  My apologies for the late response, it’s been a very busy week and I wanted to do my reply justice!

It’s been an absolute joy to witness J blossom into his personality, including his confident physical development and during the initial lockdown where nurseries had to close, which was at times very difficult in terms of negotiating work around caring for J, I feel the real silver lining was that we got to witness J’s development in terms of his speech, it just skyrocketed!  So wonderful.

I’m not sure if you have a formal feedback procedure for parents and I would be happy to give very positive feedback in this way if you do, but otherwise I just wanted to say that J has absolutely loved his time at Heaton, and it was very bittersweet to say goodbye!  We have felt from day one how beautifully cared for and nurtured he has been.  We have felt very lucky for J to be able to attend and the woodland nature of the nursery has been the absolute icing on the cake, it has meant that the physical development you acknowledged in J was possible and he has been able to really thrive!

All the staff have been so wonderful but in particular, I’d like to acknowledge the amazing passion and genuine care provided by Louise and Kimmi.  When I’ve chatted to Louise at handover, she is clearly so knowledgeable, approachable, experienced, and just perfect for her role.  I meant to pass this on before but when J was still in toddlers, she was in the room with quite a few of the children and they’d worked themselves up into a very excitable mood, (happy but giddy) and the way she managed to sit down with them, explaining gently to them that she couldn’t hear them when they were all shouting at the same time and brought them all back to earth emotionally was absolutely masterful.  I told her at the time I thought she was a wizard, ha ha!
I’d also like to mention Kimmi who seems to be permanently positive, engages so wonderfully with the children and has somehow managed to find time (in amongst everything else she does) to write and record amazing daily diaries with plenty of pics and lots of details of exactly what J has been up to.  I’ve loved seeing them and they have brightened my days to see all the wonderful experiences Je has been able to have.

J started school today and when Dad dropped him off, he apparently skipped into the building and I think the reason for that is in no small measure down to his positive experiences of nursery, the bonds he’s made there (that I hope will continue long into the future) and the incredible care he has received at Heaton.

We all want to say the biggest thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything.  It’s been amazing.

Wishing all staff and the nursery all the very best for the future and hope you continue to go from strength to strength!

Take care,

J, Mum and Dad xx’