The children at Dewsbury have been learning about the traditions that different families and religions take part in at Easter widening their knowledge about different cultures within the community and their friends and families that they know. We then had a super fun day of hunting for eggs in the garden using our creative thinking skills to work out where the eggs may have been hidden. The children had to use their mathematical skills to make sure that they had found enough eggs for every child in the group to take one home each.

Our children love been artistic and creative, so we used these skills to create our very own papier-mâché eggs, using bright colours to create various kinds of patterns. This activity allowed us to strengthen our concentration skills as we were able to conduct our own individual plans to create the artwork.
During our discussions about Easter and springtime we have been talking about what symbols of representation we see around in the environment during this time of year, such as new baby animals on the farm and chickens and eggs for Easter, the children then enjoyed exploring different textures and using farm animals to explore their imaginative skills with role play.